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Yo-Landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord

Yay, Yo-landi Vi$$er!
Yo-landi vi$$er & NinjaYo-landi Vi$$erYo-Landi Vi$$er
Trilogie, nr. 2. mos nou. Yo-landi Vi$$er by Vark1.Yo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$erYO-LANDI VI$$ERYo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Visser and Ninja in NYC.
fok yeah. look at ‘landi. Lookin’ like a kif little vissie!Yo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$erNinja and Yo-landiYo-landi Vi$$erVi$$er Fla$hin some bum.Yo-landi Vi$$er.Zef $o Fre$h my favorite Yo-landi photo so far. fokkin right on. Paranormal Rativity. (via fuckyeah-dieantwoord)Yo-landi Vi$$er(via sarahthevampyrslyr)Yo-landi Vi$$er(via adms)(via fuckyeah-dieantwoord)Ninja and Yo-landi in NYCYo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$erYo-landi Vi$$er


  1. The most crack-headed bitch evar!
    I mean she is beautifull when she has makup on an stuff, but when she is "normal" she just looks like trash...

  2. None the less "I thinks she's freaky and I like her a lot".
    -Andrew D. Ford- Vancouver, WA. USA.

  3. still i wanna f..k her in the .ss hard and than make upp with her and have big mac and coke!!!1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon 1 in the evening 1 at night 1 in the morning and so on and on in and out until she 80 years old everyday i love the way she looks!!!