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Babe, I think this is the clinic. Any idea who the men with the guns are? This will make a splash

We love getting our outback dirty. Because it seems like the dirtier it gets, the more it shines. When we get together for the unlimited soup salad and breadsticks lunch at olive garden, it's so good, sometimes we forget to talk. It's actually my iPhone, but everyone in the family loves it. I think we'd all be lost without my iPhone. So there you have it, operation Mongoose. If it hadn't been for that woman in the fur coat with the AK-47. A toast Charles, to old spy stories. The wife does not partake so I guess I'll have to toast for both of us. A true Manhattan is made with a rare and delicate Marasca cherry. The hussy in the fur was a Russian double agent. Some women are too special to marry just once. The mission is tonight Charles. Tonights party is a smokescreen to meet his potential buyers. Your job--watch and learn. Some sort of sexy spy dinner party? Whatever it is you think you know about being a spy, you're wrong. You're not going anywhere jackass. After you my love.


Alright, there are 3 qualities that make for an effective field agent: Subversion, stealth, strength. A spy must be able to manipulate any target at any time. In the field it can make the difference between life and death. The man's nothing but a CIA sanctioned gigolo. You threw your back out with a Havana hooker. We should get out of here before they blow all of our covers. Is there a nurse here? Someone in a short skirt? There's gotta be a cat around here--my allergies are going ca-razee! Put the whip down. A buck-99 gets you burger perfection, right down to the pickles and the cheese selection. Did I just use 'bacon' as a verb? Maybee... I got mine with voice activated navigation. Comfort is back. You're still sitting there?

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