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thursday randoms

immersion & delight. as if the one before has never existed. the wonderful has never existed. we can create a kind of upheaval because there is no continuity... it's not always easy to shake them off. there was quite a bit of upheaval. i was always happiest when i was engaged to something that was distracting me. i felt it was time to celebrate life, celebrate a time when i wasn't distracted. i hope congratulations are in order. yesterday he got the oscar nomination so now i can give him an official long distance congratulations. together for 15 years an even bigger success. likes to hear the sound of his own voice. i don't intend that as a criticism. strain and fray. a pleasing emotionalism. that's not a formula, that's an aesthetic. i make my case to the world. accessibility comes wrapped in bleakness. the catchy arrives with a coating of romantic frustration. got nothing to lose but darkness and shadows. don't you believe that for a minute.